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50 multiple choice questions, you must score 43 or more to pass, plus a hazard perception test.  Set by the DVSA.


The theory test is currently £25.00

You must complete CBT & Theory (in any order) before taking part in A2 & DAS.

You don't need to take the theory test in order to take part in a CBT course.

The theory test certificate is valid for two years so if you plan to go on and take your practical motorcycle test we recommend that you take your theory test as soon as you can.

Studying for the theory is easy if you buy a new copy of the Highway Code or visit www.highwaycode.gov.uk  and a book published by the DVSA titled ‘The Official Theory Test for Motorcyclist's’.  Both are available from good bookshops.

You can also buy DVD's and CD ROM's and even practice the test on-line!

Booking your theory test is easy using the DVSA’s online booking form. 

Just click here

The nearest theory test centre to us is Eastgate House, 121-131 Eastgate Street, Gloucester

The DVSA website provides detailed information on the theory test. There are practice theory tests on-line and you can buy a range of DVSA publications to help you revise.

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